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Materialism: The "What have you bought?" Thread

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Wow, who knew learning a musical instrument required discipline, patience and an actual attention span?

"5 Miles on an Electric Scooter" sounds like a twee novel about fuck all that The Guardian would give 5 stars

You’re in your late 40’s/early 50’s, mate. You’re not Spike fucking Lee.

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Laser the fuckers - I'm a bit of an advocate as it's a fantastic life changer.


I very nearly signed on the dotted line for this a few years back and then started reading some absolute horror stories on the internet about it.  Seems the fact that it's an unregulated industry means that, if it goes fine, then great.  But if something doesn't work out, you can be left borderline blind with horrific headaches etc with very little recourse or chance of it being reversed. 


I'll remain lensey/speccy until that gets resolved. 


Btw, totally get that it's probably a small minority for whom it goes wrong, but I'm not taking the chance on my eyesight. 

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