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Jinxing on SSN, People buying Owen shirts.  That's some waste of £50 if he fails his medical.



Just seen that! Massive queues at the club shop!


According to ITV teletext he won't be unveiled today but will head straight off to meet up with England. He'll be paraded next week; probably on Thursday or Friday.

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I just turned over when the first charver goon gave his opinion, why the feck can't they find some decent people to speak to?



sorry for chanmging the subject but that reminds me hatful, Im reading a great Smiths' book at the minute ( songs that saved my life), i recommend you read it if you havent already!


anyway, where we we? oh yeah so anyone devised any good songs we can sing for micky then?

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Best signing ever

Shearer and Owen unstoppable

Bigger club than Liverpool

We're going to win the league.


oh god, it makes me cringe more than watching X factor and the like :stars:


I dont rekon they are 'real' fans, i rekon SSN employ the same idiots to comment on big news and they put on whatever shirt it applies to!

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I just hope he hasn't got any clauses in his contract, which he is bound to have.



Of course he has, otherwise he'd just be signing a blank piece of paper!










No-one likes a smart-arse.

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