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Pretty much a ronseal thread, but I'm toying with the idea of signing up to the £10 a month service with no ads and the app for the iPhone.


whaddya reckon musicos?

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Playlist by thatdave


This is a link to a playlist. Don't have Spotify? Sign-up for unlimited music with Spotify Premium at Spotify.com.





What's wrong with P2P/youtube/other stuff like that?

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I signed up for a month and thought it was the best thing since sliced bread for the first 3 days. Then stopped using it.


Pretty much what the people I know have said.


The problem is you sit staring at that search box without necessarily having a clue what you want to put in it. You can't browse a collection or shuffle everything you like or create smart playlists.


One lad i know says he's only listened to the same 4 songs for the past month, so he's downgraded from the £10 service to the £5.


Much better to have a browsable collection for listening pleasure.


For finding new music it could be worth it, depending on how much you expand your collection each month. Do you spend £120 a year on albums you've not heard? When someone says listen to this or that and you have a mission to get it, Spotify and Grooveshark would be the best legal ways to do it I'd have thought.


I wouldn't pay for it thinking you'll listen to more new music though. I'd look at how much new music you currently invest ion and whether Spotify will save you money.


Easy way to check if it's worthwhile for the amount of new music you purchase would be to set up a smart playlist for 2010 and count how many albums you've added this year. Would it have been cheaper to use Spotify than it would to have bought them all at £9 an album? If not, just stick with the free version for checking out recommendations.

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It's worth it if you have a genuine interest and love for music* and enough disposable income to afford the £10 cost; I've found it brilliant when I want to listen to musicians who influenced a particular musician I like, and you can just extrapolate from there. I have just used the free service though and prefer not to listen to music on a computer. If you just want to bang out some mindless tunes you may as well whack Radio 1 on and switch on Playdays and Tellytubbies to accompany it.


*music, not JLS or Cheryl Tweedy Spice

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Double Fuck with a Fuck on the side!!!


Our lass has just said " do you know that everything your listening too is being listed on your Facebook". :lol:


That's me out the closet :lol:


Time to get back in with a few macho numbers.


Any suggestions :lol:

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