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Alan Pardew - Poltroon sacked by a forrin team

Kid Dynamite

What does Pardew Deserve?  

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Mike could sack him for gross misconduct with zero compensation.


There is more chance of Mike Ashley playing centre half in the next game than him sacking Pardew, absolute zero chance that is happening.


They'll have a right laugh at it round the roulette table tonight.

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People going on like he's shagged Meyler's missus in the dressing room on camera. Christ.


Maybe he did? :woot:


This could actually be a positive as people are talking about him losing his job, although not likely we could have walked away from the KC with a 4-1 win, Pardew gone and that mackem reject with an egg on his bonce :banana:



Egg on his bonce from that :lol: Don't think it would have left a mark on the boy in the bubble. Pardew's responses to the media give the impression that he'll be applying Mike's favourite shade of lipstick before they discuss this...

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Did the lad hoy himself into Pardew first? Did that happen before the headpush? If so, then all this drama needs to fuck off. Not a great reaction, and not very professional, but who would act professionally in that situation?


If that wasn't the order of events, then I reserve the right to amend my opinion. :razz:

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