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Finally a game where we played well for the whole 90 minutes. The players put in a good shift today and it's great to see these young lads like Abeid impressing.

It's also fantastic to see Liverpool look so wank and Balotelli basically doing fuck all after the wank fest when they bought him :lol:

Congrats to Pardew today, he got his tactics spot on today. He noticed Moreno would be more of a wing back and had the right winger track back while letting our left winger stay advanced. He's still a wanker but he deserves praise today.

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It doesn't really matter how we got the first couple of wins, it's plain to see that the confidence has been established. The youth coming into the side has helped as well. Abeid got man of the match, that's excellent.

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Finally Pardew has come around to the notion of playing to our strengths. Positive football gets results.


Get the fuck in you scally bastards.


Aye, seems like he's tried to play football as a last resort.

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Spurs and Man City away and Liverpool at home, are piss poor?


Far from their best, yes, but you're just being cynical for the sake of it.

I meant on the day and I meant Leicester counting League games
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