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Don't you mean Villa?

No, Remi is dead to me now. Aston Villa has tarnished him too much.


It's like spotting the stunning lass you've been eyeing up all night sucking off the doorman in the alley.

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Got bored of hearing what's wrong and wanted a discussion about what/who could fix it.


We've been over the source of all the problems this club's enduring, but we've all come to the same conclusion; Ashley isn't going anywhere unless we're relegated and stay down for a while, or some Rothschild fancies resurrecting us.


You're just upset because you share your birthday with an unlikeable footballer.

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This sort of post is embarrassing to the club , any hack gets on here and it's oh aye, fickle geordies again. We could have Ferguson with this regime and he'd struggle.


Not condoing Gemmil's ban attempt by the way. Should ban people who call for bans... oh shit... didn't think that through.

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