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And it's live on Sky.


NUFC To Score
0 - 
1 - Kevin Carr's Gloves, David Kelly, TheGingerQuiff
2 - sammynb, Kitman, The Fish, Happy Face, StoneColdStephenIreland, Anorthernsoul, rogerbarton, Dougle
3 - Andrew, Park Life, barnabox, Rayvin, MiddleAgeCool, Dr Gloom, tooner, strawb, Graing, Monkeys Fist, Ant, ohhh_yeah, ewerk
4+ - wykikitoon, adios, Howay, OTF
NUFC To Concede
0 - wykikitoon, Andrew, Howay, barnabox, Kevin Carr's Gloves, Kitman, The Fish, strawb, Graing, OTF, Anorthernsoul, Dougle
1 - sammynb, adios, Park Life, Rayvin, MiddleAgeCool, Dr Gloom, tooner, Happy Face, StoneColdStephenIreland, Monkeys Fist, rogerbarton, Ant, ohhh_yeah, ewerk, TheGingerQuiff
2 - 
3 - 
4+ - David Kelly
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“If we win our games and Brighton make mistakes, we will be champions. We will try to do it.


“Cardiff are very competitive. It will be a difficult game.


“Lascelles, Ritchie, Hanley & Anita are not in the squad because they need to rest injuries – but we do hope to have them for the last one (Barnsley).


“We will challenge Brighton and see what happens. We have two games, and we have to do our best.”

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If we beat Cardiff, do you think Brighton will rise to the challenge and get the 1 win they need, or will they crumble?


Brighton's last 6 games v Bristol


W D L  F  A

5  1  0 12 1



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Brighton will trip up, then run out comfortable winners in the last game.

:lol: It'd be just fucking typical wouldn't it.


1 win and they're Champions  on 95pts no matter what.


2 draws, they'd be on 94pts and we'd need 2 wins and we'd go up on 94pts, but as Champions on GD

1 draw, 1 loss and they'd be on 93pts we need 2 wins, but go up as Champions on 94 points

2 losses and they'd be on 92pts, so we'd need at least a win and a draw to finish on 92pts and win on GD.

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It would be typical aye, to be honest I'd rather it end that way then end this week as at least there will feel like there's something at stake in the final game and we might see a bit better of a game with the players up for it rather than a jog about.

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Ritchie's out until the end of the season (next 2 games) & fined £5,000 for abusing the 4th official in the tunnel at the Leeds game


There goes any chance we had of snatching the title. 


Fuck it, we're up. That's all that matters. 

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