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Where Now?

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Rafa has gone and we pretty knew he would be gone.  We always had the flicker of hope he would stay.


Perez is gone (or almost as good as) I have never been his biggest fan, but I am also not blind to see that since Almiron's arrival he was without a doubt a massive reason why we stayed up and had a great finish to the season.  Our back up options after he has gone are fucking weak as piss man.  Apparently the £30m we are supposedly getting will be put back into the transfer kitty.  Or this is the shite that gets trotted every year.

Rondon is gone.  I loved the guy.  His work ethic was second to none.  His hold up play was great and what stood out for me, was his sportsmanship, something thats seems to be slowly dying in the game!

Kenedy is gone. It was an option, but I don't think many will be too bothered he is gone.

Who's next to go?

Haydn has to be nailed on.
Longstaff Another one looking like he's gone.
Shelvey? (Although now Rafa has gone he may get games)


We have a load of players in their final year of their contracts.  Most shite, i.e Colback et al.


We have no manager a fucking pre-season rapidly approaching.  Seriously, what the fuck is going to happen?

What has always fucking done my head in is, why is it only a small portion of the media that seem to see through the bull shit that Ashley pedals?  Are the others just trying to keep the club on side?  Are they oblivious to it?



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a complicit manager.

a very healthy transfer window profit.

more sports direct signs.

a couple of embarrassingly futile fans forums.

a block of flats obliterating SJP from the skyline.

50,000 zombies.

some chuckles and smirks of contempt.

a thinly disguised v sign.


that's yer lot i'm afraid.

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None of them are good enough and would have been sold this window under Rafa. They will likely be used to pad out the squad now. 

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The club's social media is at least amusing. Some poor sod is desperately trying to drum up interest and getting pelters accordingly.



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So looks like Jos is off now. Since Rafa has left Leicester have broken their transfer record...... Twice. 


I find the whole situation bizzare. We have no manager and don't seem like getting one. We have the team in for pre season yet are selling players. 


What the fuck is going on :lol:

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