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Newcastle Utd versus Southhampton

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Due to the nefarious origins of the thread poster, what became the original match thread has been unfrotunately destroyed. So that this important piece of the rich tapestry that forms our history is not lost to the annals of time I have elected myself as the chronicler, and will thusly record the thread as I recall it.


Joelinton is shit.


We too are mostly quite shit, but definitely nowhere near as shit as Joelinton.


Can you believe we won despite our aforementioned shittiness?


Oh shit is ASM seriously injured? Fuck. We'll be needing these points.

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We could have easily got no points from the last two games and it wouldn't have been undeserved.  We can't continue to play this badly and keep winning games, our inspired manager needs to come up with a plan to put the pressure back on the opposition when we're playing the other weaker sides.

That said a wins and win and it's difficult to be anything other than very happy with 7 points from the last three games.

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On 09/12/2019 at 14:31, Kid Dynamite said:

We didn't play badly against Sheffield United. 

You think?  We had 27% possession against an average team.   They had numerous chances to score and it's really only Dubravka who prevented that.  We only managed a couple of attacks all game.  It could have easily went the same way as the Villa game imo.

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2 hours ago, Ayatollah Hermione said:

Fuck me, here’s another one. You’d think they weren’t shit.

They’ve just won the election, man. He’s mentally spending his redundancy money already 

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