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tudor brown sauce v walkers pickled onion


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bruce's lads on a bit of a slump after previously steamrolling all and sundry put before them take on brendan rodgers whose team is making a decent fist of competing with man city to be best of the rest.

looks like a banker away win?

well not necessarily, local hero andy thanks to some longer screws in his ankle will win the most headers ever recorded in world football.

by virtue of the 2,000,000 opportunities this will.afford £40m super striker joey linton, he'll score one, some how.

1-0 to the free ticket mags.

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37 minutes ago, sammynb said:

Brown sauce, if only NUFC was that exciting, lightly salted don't you mean?

well, normally i'd accept your amendment, however we have hope.

in carrollsy (or whatever other shite name bruce has bestowed on him) we have someone who's not only up there with brown ale and coal in geordie folklore, but is also the best striker in the premiership. at something. but not scoring goals.

an upset is on the cards.

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We'll get tonked 0-4 at home, with Perez to score two.

Carroll will look like a man who cannot play two games in three days, Joe Linton will have the ball bounce off him more times than anyone else in the history of the game and Hayden will be sent off for another mis-timed tackle that won't be anywhere near as bad as Johnny Evans challenge on Almiron that will go unpunished.

Oh and that twat Lawro has "Steve Bruce's side to bounce back in this one. 2-0 win"

So we're (more) fucked before we start.

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Whoever manages to drag Brucey out of his crisp and lager coma in the bogs of The Diamond on New Year’s Morning, in time to wheelbarrow him in to the dugouts for the game, deserves a medal for enduring the fucking stench of stale beer and rancid vegetable farts he’ll be giving off. 
I expect his formation of Carroll in goal

“c…cc…bleuurgh…cccoz he’s the biggest cunt on the pitch…”

and Joelinton partnering Manquilo upfront

“ Ha!… fuggen have that ya Spanish Peter Kay bassah!”, 

to pay dividends, but the best partnership will be between the kitman and physio to change his keks before anyone notices he’s shit his pants for the third time in the match. 
Leicester might just edge this. :lol:

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We'll be comfortably beaten. Not saying it'll be a humping but I could see them missing more chances than us and still edging it. If they've got their goalscoring boots on....0-3. 1-2 if they're fannying about and are feeling the games. 

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                 Schar     Fernandez    Lejune   Willems


                 Hayden    SLongstaff   Shelvey   Almiron


                                Muto       Carroll


Pick holes in this line-up, based on all being available

Muto is energetic and should get a start, I think he is under-estimated.

Nonscoringjoelintonthedud should be benched.

I  think we should go 4-4-2 against Leicester.

We know Schar & Willems can make attacking runs.

Will be interesting to see Brucey's starting lineup for this match.

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