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Great news lads the son in laws ex wife is home. It looks like she's going to be ok it's really brought it home how bad this is. Hopefully things can get back to some kind of normality in a couple of

My old man has days, at the most, left.    Good luck to anyone trying to stop me seeing him.    It’ll be The Rule Of Five.…   Five Knuckles.…       I’ll hit th

A 10ft coffin, slowly whirring down the aisle carried by 6 weeping Roombas. 

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On 06/10/2020 at 21:07, Renton said:

14,542 cases today, 76 deaths. Anybody confident where this is going? We've fucked up again, haven't we?





We have literally killed 10s of thousands of people and hit the economy by billions more because of this government's serial incompetence. Anyone with a GCSE in maths could see where this was heading. 

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So between construction, manufacturing and education you have just under 15,000,000 who are being told to go about their 9-5 as normal and mix with all the usual people but after that they definitely mustn’t see anyone outside their household.

I can understand education continuing but either have a lockdown or don’t. The first lockdown worked because it was simple to understand. Once you begin to dilute the message it loses its effect.

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22 minutes ago, trooper said:

Boris will be on BBC 1 shortly he's just watching the rugger on ITV 



Without the dog which they got rid of because it needed looking after. I’ll be turning the news off the second that cunt comes on 

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4 minutes ago, ewerk said:

Why do you not hate your child? What’s wrong with you?



I’ll be at work, mate. His dad is a teacher so he’ll be off too and can do the job at home ;) 


(Plus, my kid is weird. He’s 11 and it’s like living with a more sensible adult)

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I think there's a good argument for secondary or upper secondary to be locked down. The upper range of these kids should be able to self educate via videoconferencing. Allow their parents to continue working from home.


Not possible with primary school kids though. But also primary kids really don't seem to catch it or spread it in the same way. I'm in a 3 tier school and so far no cases in primary or middle, but some in secondary/6th form.


University students need to gradually withdraw to home and stay there. 

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