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Newport County vs Newcastle United

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Shelvey translation: "Yeah two or three years ago we had an elite manager who was constantly on our back drilling us like fuck and who was quite happy to drop you if you weren't applying any effort or

Do you keep telling yourself you’re not a boring cunt like? 

Temper your expectations.  

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:lol: Fucking hell man. I mean honestly what was his plan with that one? Was he actually trying to hit the right winger and completely miss hit, or did he not pick his head up and just smacked it? 

It really does remind me of what we were like under McLaren, there’s just no clear tactical idea at any point in the game. We don’t seem to press in numbers, but nor do we intentionally sit back in a drilled low block, and the attacking side of things is even worse. We look fucking dreadful. 

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18 minutes ago, ewerk said:


cultured :lol:

he actually had a period playing for rafa where he looked the part. think it was in the run up to the last world cup. one of the few english central midfielders capable of passing the ball forwards. but fuck me, he can be a passenger at times.

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1 hour ago, Ugly Mackems said:

Only two smileys. Your work is just not up to standard. Less funny material can get at least 3. Sometime 4 (yes, four) 

Seriously though, you're a tedious contrarian, or a mackem wum. Either way. What a cunt.

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