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Graeme Jones Fraudulent Magz™️ Vs Dinnerlady Roy’s Slippery Palace


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I'm always wary of Zaha deciding to bother his arse when it comes to Palace, so lets hope he's in one of his huffy moods. It's perhaps a bit simplistic to think that ASM possibly starting will push us over the line, but the rest of the players do seem to get a visible lift when he plays. I suppose when you've very little ideas going forward it's a relief to have ASM who can run half the pitch from a simple pass. There's points to be had for us in the next two fixtures, so hopefully we can build a bit of steam off the back of the Everton performance. It could very easily turn into a turgid affair, and not even be mostly our fault given we're up against Woy's boys. I think we'll win whether it's tight or we carry over the intensity from Everton and it's comfortable.

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5 minutes ago, Tom said:




Nothing peculiar about that. Bruce has obviously ordered him to get a better view of how the boys are adapting to the new formation and tactics, that Bruce has been working on for 18 months, and have only just bore fruit 😐

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