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Hi lads just a quick update about Master T we were allowed to visit him in the mental hospital at Ryhope yesterday it's the first time we've seen him in 6 days. He was allowed to go to the local Asda

Peaky blinders isn’t a tv show, it’s a sounding horn to allow people to spot cunts when they start wearing tweed and flat caps.

Because they arrr

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Apparently 2 witnesses have alleged they saw him walking near the river with a black binliner on Tuesday. The police have also brought in sonar location equipment to search the river again today.


A black binliner man. Someone's fucking kid.


Hope he gets torn to bits in prison.

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I thought the Police had asked volunteers to stop?


They have as they want the professional services to take over. I don't imagine they want a member of the public finding the body of a child after 4 days :(

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The latter in this case. I think its safe to assume its beyond a reasonable doubt that he's involved.


A blowtorch and some pliers would have the truth in 5minutes flat. And lets not turn this into a debate. Its not really the topic to get all contrary about


It's exactly the topic to be "contrary" about. The most emotive ones that build a mob mentality are the subjects that cause rash laws to be passed, which is why we live in the "post 9/11" world of indefinite detention, torture, war on 6 fronts etc.

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Anyone ever been to the Tate Modern before? Got a few hours to kill and want to do something to a) please the missus and B) stop me just sitting in a pub watching the scores come in all day....


Also thinking about checking out the Olympic village

If you want real brownie points take her to the cafe on the top of the Potrait Gallery, opens at 10:00. Unbelievable views of the city, especially on a day like today.


After you've spent the morning/early afternoon with her getting your culture on, find a pub to watch the scores roll in while she goes off shopping on Oxford/Regent/Bond Streets and meet up with her later at Sketch


All walkable and all easy to get to on the tube.

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Sounds like a plan mate, cheers. Only ever go to London for football so never know what to do on day like today! Luckily the weather is on our side so can do a bit of walking.


If you're around all day into the night, it'd be worth a wander down the South Bank after it gets dark. Genuinely stunning stuff.

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Are there any decent restaurants around there? Need to be central at about 7.30 so may go for some food there for the views/sunset....


This best earn me some serious brownie points!!


Around Southbank? Yeah, I mean there's the standard Giraffe and all that shit. But if you don't mind spending a bit, the OXO tower is excellent as is the Skylon. Depends on your taste, but there's a good range of restaurants around there.

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