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Peaky blinders isn’t a tv show, it’s a sounding horn to allow people to spot cunts when they start wearing tweed and flat caps.

Because they arrr

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Were you the kid off the tudor advert? :whistling:

Haha. I was in your local last neet, me radge mate pulled us upstairs to play fuckin bingo and he only won £120. Anyway there was a lass in there who looked like this, i couldn't believe it. http://cdn2.independent.ie/migration_catalog/article28807424.ece/ALTERNATES/h342/rachel-wyse
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All bloody day



Oh as an aside, you remember I said I worked with a Walkter Mitty?


Well today he decided to sleaze on to a girl who works for a company we deal with a lot. Every phonecall he used a different language to say hello in. He seeme surprised she didn't speak German, was apologetic that his Russian was a little rusty, however his opening gambit of French set the bar for the day as he said "Au revoir madamoiselle". I cracked up and have been speaking to him like Boycie all day.


Mange Tout Rodney, Mange Tout

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