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    if only someone couldn't contain themselves and ask them who he means (that's not me asking btw, i don't care)
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    The Daily News has rag tendencies, but they are consistently and vehemently anti-gun. This is one of my favorite front pages ever: As true today as it was two years ago - more true, even. I'm a teacher and every so often I wonder if today's the day, and if it was, what would I do. Most likely get filled with bullets off a military-grade assault rifle wielded by an 18-year-old. It's a sobering thought.
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    How am I only seeing this now?
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    Have you tried turning it off and turning it back on again?
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    I'd make you sit in the garden if I was your wife. On a potty.
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    Why was that? Must be a reason why he's king of the caveat.
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    The fact that we've not had a proper leftback playing all season while Dummett was out has meant he's looked better than he probably should have since he came back. That said, I've never been anything close to a fan of his and I've been impressed with him since he's returned to the team. I didn't take much notice of him doing ok last season because most of the time he was up against dross. But now he's putting in comparable performances in the top division too. He's still pretty useless going forward, which is especially disappointing since he has a pretty decent left peg, but defensively you can't knock him much at all.
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    Going off recent results and performances you can see why, we missed Dummett in a big way while he was out and we look a damn sight more solid with him in the back line, love those slide tackles.
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    Well I think anyone with eyes can tell that Darlow is poor and Elliot is just about okay.

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