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    Basically you've got pundits who've sat on their arses and achieved fuck all having a pop at one of the best managers in the world.
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    Don't ask me pal, I'm going there to enjoy myself
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    Operation Market Garden was to take a bridge over a canal at Arnhem in the Netherlands. It Iinvolved the largest military parachute drop in history, on to the farmland surrounding the inland town. It’s not near the sea. At all. The campaign you may be looking for is, I feel strongly, Operation Dynamo, which was launched to evacuate the BEF from the beeches near Dunkirk in Northern France. The poor souls encamped on the beeches, being strafed by the Luftwaffe, were indeed ordered to enter the water to meet the “little ships”, the flotilla of small craft requisitioned by the Royal Navy from harbour towns all over the English south coast to transport the men further out to sea where large liners & cargo vessels were waiting to transport them en mass back to dear old Blighty. Please brush up on your mid 20th century European military history before you use the subject as a metaphor for any further Indian Ocean based holiday anecdotes. You people make me sick.
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    Bet they were seething when they heard fish was coming and you showed up

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