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  1. I stand by my judgement.
  2. I think my brain just melted thinking about that.
  3. Mental fuckers. Notice all threads that even mention the word Wembley have been locked. I wonder if the mods are secretly embarrassed by the fucking cretins that inhabit that place?
  4. Couldn't give a shit. I do live in Jarrow though, so maybe Stevie has a point.
  5. Is Paul Wyn still alive? I thought he would have eaten himself to death by now. The fat pig.
  6. Take it these are just single documentaries as no Attenborough material and no The World at War which is still the greatest WWII documentary ever after 30+ years.
  7. Full of smoke? Or Coons? Both?
  8. there is no dispute... Newcastle are the biggest club in north east But some of you lot actually believe that Sunderland is a 'nothing' club and that your away followings are 'far superior' to ours. Its this total disregard that pisses us off. Our home average attendances have been well over 40k for the past 5 seasons. We take thousands of fans all over the country and sell out almost every away game. Only ones we don't sell out are some night time games to be fair. Newcastle are the bigger club, but the gap is nowhere near the 'gulf' that some of you claim it to be beari
  9. Who the fuck are High Force?
  10. Inter shirt is superb.
  11. Basically Tbh, I blame the people in charge for keep giving him contracts. It's difficult to believe how long he's been at the club. KK is the only one who seems to have seen through him. Apparently he's awesome in training though Allardyce thought he was shit as well tbf
  12. Mine. Cacapa narrowly missing out.
  13. Fergie? Why should he let showbiz tittle tattle disrupt his preparations for the biggest game of the season?
  14. http://www.lookalikes.info/our-lookalikes/...(scott-gillman) Ronaldo
  15. The scream from the woman after it got stuck
  16. As harsh as it is, the way he went on at Ibrox after the final whistle a few weeks back will make these things happen. He is a prick
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