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  1. this injury was such a disaster for us. would we have blown £10m on martins? would we have got some quality defenders in? I've said it before but Ancient Viking Burial Ground tbh.
  2. Well that really was UNLUCKY for the minnows. etc etc etfuckincetera.
  3. Chhheeerrrsssssssssss mmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaate
  4. remember when San Marino scored against us? John Motson blew his whole year's wodge!
  5. death penalty for being idiots. harsh or darwinism in effect?
  6. How come your post has been modified by Matt 194210[/snapback] Matt blatantly wearing the trousers there tbh, with Laz taking it from behind. 194211[/snapback] i'm not gay - i just help them out when they are busy. 194220[/snapback] the gays?
  7. What a fucking embarrassment. How long did it take to complete Emirates? Do you think we'll be able to put off the olympics for a year or two?
  8. How come your post has been modified by Matt 194210[/snapback]
  9. any as long as wor lass's mouth is full.
  10. I paid £13 to go on the boat for NYE in 1989. It was utter dog smeg so I nicked the doormans clicker on the way out.
  11. It's all been going too well for the smog-dodger. A controversial draw.
  12. how much?!! ffs, I remember when you could buy a 3 Trainstation's for that.
  13. that's mint, I think all officials should be so belligerent. 'Sonny it's a second yellow or a punch in the face, what's it to be?'
  14. I know they've been a bit quiet since the window slammed shut like, but expecting them to comment on Ally calling someone a cock-end's a bit OTT innit?
  15. the only thing I've been on is the fucking news.
  16. Sorry marra, but the fact of the matter is unless you're of legal age then getting in anywhere will be tough. Not our fault that you're not old enough now, is it? 193367[/snapback] aye, get pissed ootside of your local spa and listen to choons on yer banging mobile like all the other yung uns man
  17. can't guarantee you'll get out alive, obviously.
  18. When in Asia and India I got into the habit of just using my left hand and then washing it off. Now I'm reaping the benefits by saving at least £40 a year on bogroll. This is money I can then spend on anti-bacterial soap, self help meetings and wart cream.
  19. perhaps tonight you should knock her back out instead
  20. is that why the fat man brought him back?
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