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  1. have to say martins 3 goals have all been good, all different types and his 2nd tonight was smacked in with accomplished venom. He may just be the rare find we dream of. He also played a fantastic weighted chip through for Butt, I think he could do well a little deeper.
  2. Tumour Boy is bang out of order and actually fucking disgraceful. Hang your head in shame.
  3. 'Do you remember The Kinks?' 'I certainly do' 'Ray Davies and co' talk it up boys.
  4. Obafuckingerrinla. Is it cos I is 28?
  5. Tool + Rage Against the Machine at the Mayfair 1992 I think. Deafening Chants of toon toon between bands.
  6. Jesus papt Is there a queue of cripples next to that dogs favourite tree? Get its turds on ebay. Christians will be up in arms for this. Battersea Dogs Home torched tbh.
  7. statistically women have to move the seat less often than men, even if men always leave it up. This is because over the two sexes there is a bias for sitting down. So tell her to get over herself.
  8. comfort eagle - cake. into the arcade I go....
  9. Brain-washed and you know you are! Give it up for a decade, if you miss it go back to it. Just try and think for yourself. In evolutionary terms i think religion is adolescent fantasy. Why the hell would Allah want you to spend so much time worshipping him? I just don't get that, to me it seems a way of enforcing the brainwashing in perpetuity. Anyway it's not for me to talk you out of it, that's a job for Albert Einstein or Aldous Huxley or Abraham Lincoln or one of those other morons. "Religion is excellent stuff for keeping common people quiet." "Religion is what k
  10. Excepting farmed varieties, eating fish is raping the oceans imo. The cod is almost gone from our waters, now we are seeing deeper ocean fish on our plates (anyone had Orange Roughy?), if things continue eventually we may eating the bottom feeders that consume dead whales etc. Land meat is at least managed and sustainable as long as we keep clear-felling for Mcdonalds. To me trawling the oceans is like dragging huge nets through the Amazon, killing thousands of things you don't want in the pursuit of profit and the few minutes of pleasure as it passes across your tongue into your gut.
  11. The Slippery Slope of Exquisite Regret, tbh.
  12. Would the board have backed this planet 30 years ago?
  13. If you could do that your taste would be irrelevant tbf. Unlikely you'd ever leave the house.
  14. thanks to all the people who give their time and skills to keep this place the best toon forum. it is appreciated.
  15. either world peace or an enormous turnip all of my own.
  16. the club is stupid. sell shite boumsong out of an already shite defence and divvent even bother replacing him, one example of a catalogue of moronic decisions. Roeder now has the shortest odds to get the sacked first in the prem. 6.8 on betfair.
  17. took me 6 years to realise she was 'the one' (bit slow on the uptake like), married for a further 6 years and then lost her to fuckin skin cancer. life's not particularly fair tbh.
  18. £70 on Troop trainers. massive tongues right out. feckin eedjit.
  19. J69's favourite position tbh
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