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  1. 'dog, can you give me a completely HONEST answer on something, with no spin? Is The Sun still boycotted on Merseyside? And if so, is it to the same extent as it was? 191859[/snapback] My completely honest answer with no spin is I have no idea.
  2. I'm not going to 'stoop' to dignify this twaddle with a response. I wish Gerrard would shut his fucking mouth, he's 'penning' pieces in different papers every bloody day. Not got enough money you spoilt git? Shut it, Steven.
  3. Thinking about it though, it must have been fascinating to see something like that up close, I mean we all do it pretty regularly, but most on this board wouldn't have seen it happen. Weird. For the kiddies at home, Hitler used to shit on women's heads for pleasure. FACT-ACATE. 190963[/snapback] Im not talking shit, just a little tommy squeaker. Next time the other half is about to you should get her to spread em and see what happens. Quiver doesnt do it justice tbh, it'll take a better man than me to truely put it into words 190994[/snapback] Jesus d
  4. Agreed about the ramifications of appointing this manager, he's virtually unknown tbf. Every other club with our support and money wins something every now and then. And even clubs with way less cash and support have managed it. Our fans are loyal to the point of madness, scrimping and saving and letting their bairns go hungry so they can buy a season ticket and drink piss all weekend. The fervour/loyalty of these fans has never been rewarded and those of you with short memories ought to be reminded that FFS let us know exactly what he thought of us all in 1998. The ££££ that h
  5. I think you lot should smoke some dope tonight.
  6. can we all just agree it's a fucking cock-up? a blind man's dead dog could see that from the moon.
  7. relegation standard defence, that. Let's hope sibbo can get the goals to keep us out of the mire.
  8. I'm enjoying the last 20 seconds of the window. Without hope you have nothing.
  9. In our defence your honour, a collection of fuckin numptees.
  10. Guide us O Fat Freddie, Dreaming Shearer's left a barren land Owen's crocked but we've got Baldy Psycho's reject, he's our man. Double glazing, double glazing. Slam it on your fucking thumb. Slam-it-on-your-fuck-ing-thumb. Open now the piss poor season whence the geordies win fuck all Let the Frenchy and the Spaniard regardez vous le fleeting ball Ob-e-Fami, Sib-i-erski Who the fucking hell are they! Who-the-fuck-ing-hell-are-they. I'd go on but I have to finish building my guillotine, tbqfs.
  11. let's wait and see if this is a good bit of business or not shall we? just a thought.
  12. at the risk of repeating myself.....who is that girl?
  13. Jonny who is that in your avatar mate?
  14. I'm sick of trying to get wor lass to do that.
  15. Surely Given is doing it because he has no faith in the back 4 to carry it forward effectively? Can anyone blame him for that? Bramble is just a moron, but it is incredible Roeder or someone has not told him cut it out. ffs.
  16. Luque was Q If only he was half as inventive.
  17. If he maintains current form, he's all but made it already - there are definitely better players out there, and I'd love to have them here, but I'm no longer going into matches thinking "Shit, Shola's up front". Shola offers something to the team nowadays. He's finally worked out that he's a big lad and can boss defenders and his touch is improving, as is his finishing. His confidence is sky high as well which is helping. Not sure how you can compare Shola and Luque and say they have a similar chance of success tbh. I'd put Luque's at around 5%. Shola already is a marginal success. L
  18. Despite overwhelming demand, an inbox stuffed with messages from eager furniture connoisseurs, inquiries from Christies et al, and of course offers of various high-falutin sales positions for myself, I am just letting you all know that if you want any of these delights you can have them for nothing. Can't say fairer than that can I? And there's still nowt wrong with that wardrobe. And there's a 28 inch nicam telly, with remote, nice picture and great sound. The screens not cracked or owt. Cost me £200 in 2002. Offers?
  19. there's a Snakes on a Plane gag here somewhere.....
  20. I dunno, how much had you had to drink?
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