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  1. he looks MINT unpredictable, two footed, tricky, jinky, finds net, wrong foots keepers; new Pedro?
  2. from nufc.com© The Super Eagle has landed Our man in the duty free reports that a plane carrying Obafemi Martins touched down at Newcastle Airport around about 1.30pm on Thursday. (The player is a Nigerian International, playing for the team known as the Super Eagles)
  3. Bananaboat.com Order them from all over the globe, if you don't like them you can send the buggers back.
  4. Crivens; A Scots expression of surprise or shock. Crivens! Ma kilt's on fire! www.urbandictionary.com
  5. getting sponsored by 'taities next year?
  6. what about the £70 that'll cost in vin?
  7. playing through fear. all well and good but what about tactics? 'Just fuckin do his knee in man ya fuckin pussy'. Sunlun to lose fair play league AND get relegated. Brilliant.
  8. Turn it over then ??? 183853[/snapback] Nah, it'll get some of my anger out 183859[/snapback] I would watch it so I could shout at the telly for a bit but the other half is busy scouring all the sports channels for news of "his teams" new manager.. 183862[/snapback] Roy Keane? Probably a good catholic school madeth the man.
  9. Scum to go down with scum. marvellous. World class manager? World class summit. Toys out of prams bonanza.
  10. Got to admire the man, 73, ongoing cancer scares, just wants to get back to work. Good luck fella.
  11. You are our Obafemi Nay one knows the age of you You are our one and only until Chelsea see you too
  12. Have a few bits n pieces, clearing house as new tenants have their own furniture. If you want anything you can pick it up this saturday or sunday 2*double matresses, decent quality, condition okay, not shabby. Nay pissy stains. 2* sofas, both blue (actually one is cream with blue covers) - one two seater one 3. both in decent nick. one side table, dark wood with metal brackety bits gothic style I think. probably better than it sounds. one double pine wardrobe. nowt wrong with it. metal computer desk IKEA style there's prolly some other stuff but I won't know til
  13. surely it's likely the share prices will go up no matter whether this talk of a takeover has any substance or not though. Isnt it just about perception? 183406[/snapback] They dont usually jump up 30p in a month, they usually go up down 1p When shares first came out how much were they? 183551[/snapback] I believe they launched at £1.35, peaked not much above that (£1.45?). In 2002 they were hovering around 20 pence! I have some, not a great investment but I didn't really expect them to be. However my Deutsche Telekom shares have performed far worse.
  14. PS have a great holiday mate, good accent in New Jorsey?
  15. Belle and Sebastian. ffs. It's just a shadow of the people we should be Like a garden in the forest that the world will never see Stuart Adamson RIP Poet genius.
  16. that's great. wonder if Anal's read it? can we have a whip round to put it in the chronic classifieds?
  17. seemingly it's for general dissent.
  18. In the hunt for a good thread..... A few years ago I made the terrible mistake of finishing my studies at Sunlun university, the reasons for this are complex, suffice to say I didn't realise just how redneck those red n whites are. I was there for about three years and in that time regularly had to deal with the police/insurance companies/random fights etc. I was attemptedly mugged/randomly attacked/ abused for wearing a suit, for reading a book, for driving my car ON THE ROAD NORMALLY. That poor car was repeatedly attacked by people walking past (it was an old shit heap anyway), et
  19. Jesus crapt! I bet they've spawned some nasty threads.
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