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  1. sib and luque eh? 6 - 0 to us then.
  2. I've been backed up for 6 days now and my farts smell older than ghandi's nappy.
  3. I've seen greater comedy at a funeral tbh. outrageous that it perpetuates.
  4. all down at the federation brewery in gateshead now I believe. you have to gan down the quayside to find a yeasty smell in the city these days....
  5. turn down yer spidey sense mate.
  6. I suppose it's the bookies rather than the general public who set the odds, although the betting obviously effects the odds. In any case, I'd take 5th bottom like a shot if I was offered that now. Betfair has no bookies, punters v punters ergo the betting general public set the odds directly with no middle man (the bookie). They hate geordies, they hate geordies................... they are the geordie haters!
  7. Roeder is clear favourite to be first managerial casualty on betfair (2.2 next is Pearce at 5.4), interestingly however there are four teams with worse odds of relegation. So then, the general public think we'll have our manager replaced and not go down. Can't imagine it myself.
  8. Martins tbh. When we took off Sib on tuesday we realised that we had to play on the deck and we began to carve them up; see parkers goal. If we can play like that to Martins he should get 15 for us this year.
  9. no money to spend? Only a paltry £15, 000, 000 you zombie-faced gink! Shepherd out. should have gone after slappergate tbh. ffs.
  10. Gateways Programme Manager for 4ps, project delivery specialists, wtf?
  11. I believe there's a place on an huge ark, sailing across a flat earth balanced on the back's of elephants while the flying spaghetti monster tends to all our whims. I can't wait.
  12. how much did you get for him? and sell shola quick! £3.9m!
  13. I saw PE in Manchester in 1988, they were awesome, the gangs who tried to steal my mates Troop trainers and gold chain were less talented, but stimulating in their own way.
  14. someone maxed my overdraft using what I guess was a copy of my debit card. they spent about £2800 in 3 days, including a tenner in Mcdonalds the cheeky twats. I was in Malaysia at the time, it was a nightmare to sort out but I got all the money back. During the process several customer service people told me it was very, very common these days. Still felt a bit like rape, invasion of privacy and all that. Cut their hands off and poke their eyes out, I say.
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