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  1. No Demba?....just confirms he's still horrifically under rated.
  2. Its nothing tbh, I couldn't give a fuck what he says anyway. it comes across as an honestly held opinion. In saying that, you could say that by reacting to the criticism after Sunday by having a bit of a dig back that he doesn't realise the local significance of the game/result. But we have got to put it aside. No Tiote or Marveux v WBA is more of a concern for me than Pardew getting a bit tetchy in a press conference.
  3. Nailed on we'll sign him now...been a good player, still young, had some misfortune that has stalled his career, bit of a gamble?....Sold to the man in the XXXL black and white shirt from Hertfordshire
  4. The one and only time I ever stood in the Leazes was that day Leicester was unreal...I think half walked out at 4-1...lost our car at Barnsley, wandering around in the dark for over an hour looking for the thing, Oldham away, worst pitch I'd ever seen but I think Clarkey came off the bench for the first time showed one or two nice touches...he might have captained England schools not long before, think that was the story...great days, miss the sheer simplicity of following football back then. Ran into a lad from Wooler in Kharkiv from those days, brought back a lot of memories.
  5. According to football writer Simon Kuper theres a saying in Holland that goes "He knows about as much about football as the average Englishman" When you look at the number of qualified coaches there and in the likes of Germany, theyve got a point.
  6. Sort of see the point, but surely the fact that there are only 4 English born managers in the premier league is more important?...we're losing at least one to relegation as well...
  7. Anne Williams died yesterday, thankfully in the knowledge that the inquest verdict on her son Kevin and the 95 others who perished at Hillsborough had been quashed. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-22196415
  8. Thats the thing. On the face of it its inconceiveable going into the final half dozen games without them. But I think Cabaye is still carrying a knock, which is affecting his form and Sissoko has played (I think) every minute of every game since he signed....16 games in 10 weeks. His performance level drops off in the last half hour of most games at the moment. Maybe its because of his energetic style at the start of games that it is so noticeable, but still, he's one of the players identified as coming in during January and making the difference between our shite form pre window and reasonable displays post window. Losing these lads is trouble. Anita and Tiote in midfield, Ben Arfa in for Sissoko is maybe how we'll go.
  9. Wigan's players may be fit enough to lift their games at this time of the season...it will be interesting to see if Sissoko and Cabaye are selected from the start on Saturday. They both need a rest.
  10. There was an ex MI5 geezer on 5live on Monday and he said there had been in excess of 50 domestic terror incidents in the US since 9-11.
  11. http://www.cricbeat....epers-ever.html 18million for De Gea....Krul is 5 years more experianced...you might have a point... aren't Milan skint?...
  12. You seem to be relying on the same media for proof of your "rather wild claims" that also predicted the possibilty of serious disorder in London today, which is rather fucking daft iyam Fuck knows what you're trying to prove here. Are your contributions here a reflection of your off-line character?...
  13. Hearing Harpers in goal for this...Elliot has an ankle injury apparently?..... 20/1 to be relgated, time to lump on I reckon
  14. Course that carry on affected him badly...just the 9 goals before January the season we sold him. Sometimes am not sure what people think they are watching.
  15. so do I take it that in the dictionary entry for the word "Staunch" theres not a picture of a bloke from Boldon in a daft hat? "Pardew for England" I actually agree with Pardew's asessment of the game, half the side looked and have looked for some weeks out on their feet. Played 3 games a week since mid February. Maybe Pardew hasnt got them fit enough. He rotated but obviously made a mistake by playing Jonas, and arguably Cabaye and Sissoko, you could add Yanga to that too But without them 2 we're back to the bare bones of pre-christmas. Little to do with tactics as you claim, key players are fuckin knackered iyam.
  16. 2006 Sunderland (a) 4-1 (0-1) Premiership Chopra(60), Shearer(61pen), N'Zogbia(66), Luque(87) Hoyte(32) 40,032 Newcastle secured their biggest away victory against the mackems since 1955, on what was a momentous afternoon for the club. Deservedly behind at the break, the arrival of Michael Chopra for Lee Clark proved to be the turning point and within seconds, Chops had got us back on terms with his first touch. A minute later, scorer Hoyte dragged Charles N'Zogbia to the ground and referee Chris Foy rightly pointed to the spot. That allowed Alan Shearer signed off his derby career with a penalty to wipe out the memory of the one he missed at St. James' and the game was turned on its head. N'Zogbia waltzed through the home rearguard and shot past Kelvin Davis for 3-1, before Shearer limped off after an accidental clash with Julio Arca left him with a career-ending knee injury. His replacement Albert Luque then netted his first senior goal for the club to round off an incredible game and leave Glenn Roeder's side in seventh after four successive victories.
  17. most of this crowd looked like the offsping of the much missed 80s terrace stalwarts
  18. Think describing it as a riot is harsh, but thats the press for you. Dont think horses are generally deployed when there are petrol bombs being rained down on the police. The silly fuckers were mobbing up when we left the ground and I dont think many had been at the game as far as I could see.... the vast majority were coming up from the Eldon Square direction or Stowell Street.
  19. great post ditto and again...this week has made me remember how much people are swayed by propaganda. Nice, decent folk I work with trotting out Sun headlines from 3 decades ago.
  20. Argie v Brazilian...what else is there to say?...they fuckin hate each other.
  21. We're not the ones giving it the big one on someone else's board. You won, well done. Now fuck off.
  22. And its made your decade, just as the 2-1's made the previous one for you lot, and the play offs made it for the the one before that. Your support only exist in relation to NUFC. I pity you lot more than hold you in the contempt you seem to hold us in.
  23. Saints have only made the same change we did with Hughton for Pardew though. Do we need to change to someone else to (CLICHE ALERT!!) "take us to the next level"?....we probably do, but Ashley has only appointed those who are out of work and are/were frankly greatful for the job. Ashley needs to change his thinking if he is angling for change. 8 year contracts suggest hes not.
  24. very harsh indeed. Felt sorry for Elliot, he had no chance with no fucker seemingly able to recognise danger when it approaches.
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