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  1. Your auntie was probably too old for Wyman if she'd left school by then My mates old man is scouser and was big muckers with Ringo Starr before the Beatles hit the big time and used to regularly hang out at the Cavern Club in the band's early days....we got him pissed at my mates wedding and he let slip that hed shagged this ginger bird from Glasgow who was hanging round with them...next time he saw her was on top of the pops..Lulu
  2. Pardew also saying it'll cost a huge amount of cash to persuade NUFC to part with any of the players that are being linked with moves away from SJP....not exactly the same tactic as stating "xxxxx is not for sale at any price" to drive up the price or start a bidding war but it does amount to the same thing. AVB basically said the same thing about Modric yesterday too. This appears to be a new honesty about it which is in a way quite refreshing,basically telling the fans that they shouldnt be under any illusions that the whole squad is up for sale at the right price.
  3. Can't disagree with that.....in his day though I think he was very original, pity his day was 30 years ago. I don't think any of us are the people we were 30 years ago...I was 12, so thats good
  4. Steve Wright's original Radio 1 "posse" was a work of genius as it was the original one. All those freaks in one studio & all the characters calling in...fuckin great iyam
  5. Just come back off the ship and was chatting to one of the sparks on there, not sure what part but he's from Newcastle....we were talking about one of the other sparks when he uttered the immortal line.... "that cunts fuckin radged" My mate from Rotherham was listening to us and had to ask what it meant
  6. Radio 2 was canny good until that other utter wanker Evans got the Wogmeisters gig. Self regarding cretin. I love radio, always have done. Its not much diffferent nowadays content wise to years ago though, theres some you'd pay money to listen to e.g. for teenagers in the 70s and 80s Kenny Everett and Steve Wright were brilliant. I used to tape the Steve Wright show if I was off school, the funniest thing I'd heard as a young un. You had to pick and choose your presenters then as well, as you say DLT and Bates were fuckin dinasours, carrying on the same old shit theyd don since the 60s when half of their alleged audience were getting off their tits every weekend at raves etc...."quack quack oops" fuck me, that was awful Nowadays 6 music is good, some of the specialist shows on radio one are worth a podcast blast, interesting docu stuff on radio 2, five live is great too. Lots of choice in the digital age. But I pity the youth of today getting musical pointers from Ferne fuckin Cotton and Reggie Yates etc..
  7. Hes playing Herod in ALW's latest production of "Supermac Jesus Christ Superstar"....incredibly, this is actually true Radio one changed forever in the 90s, aiming for the 16-24 year olds. Moyes was part of that, so now he's basically DLT with a better PR team. He's always been, without exception, fuckin dreadful. Don't care how old you are, at any stage of his radio career you care to mention he's been unlistenable. Didn't like football, joined radio one, discovered football was popular with his audience, decided he was a Leeds Utd fan, culminating in that other cunt Peter Ridsdale being interviewed live on Radio One and singing "Leeds United Calypso" live on air. What a pair of fuckin cockmonkeys.
  8. Carragher's old man is alleged to have shagged her whilst away at a WC or Euro's
  9. Yeah, but thats down to the CPS deciding whether theres enough evidence to make a case. There plainly is according to them, ot theyre getting off on the publicity. As I say, if found to have comitted the act he'd have been sacked by any other corporate company. That would have been enough, no need to bring the law into it. And its only a law because of politicians' agendas.
  10. i'm not saying there shouldnt be legislation against it, I'm saying this particular piece of legislation is just plain bad law. In a case such as you've highlighted I think there are other public order offences that would cover it. I think the law was introduced by the PC brigade to prove a point and so they can put people into little boxes with labels on, which is what they like to do. That is why some people find it strange it got to court in the first place. Employment law couldve been used in this case, talk like Terry is alleged to have to anybody from a different company in firms time and you're looking at the tin tack. But of course football's "different". Still doesnt detract from the law being shite though.
  11. Agreed. But the debate has been on here "is this really a criminal offence?" and thats where the grey area is, not the ins and outs of the case. The law is wrong iyam. You cant legislate against someone calling someone else a name, however offensive. Its bollocks.
  12. Ok, so what is proved if John Terry is convicted of the charge he's up for?
  13. theres folk my age I know use "ower thonder" to mean "over there", or "thonder its" for "its over there"....a lot of thats dying out though. The kids on the Scottish side sound like theyre from Edinburgh nowadays, coming out with "Aye, ah pure went tae the pub eeehh?" sort of bollocks. When I was at school it was the same words on both sides of the border spoke with diifferent accents, but the shared "language" of the border seems to be sadly dying out, and it was a lot closer to Geordie than how they talk in Glasgow for instance.
  14. But thats where "the law is an ass" As has been said, can call someone a racially derogative name and not be a foaming-mouth, card carrying nazi. I bet theres enough black players he's played with and been mates with that would back him up in his claim that he's not a racist. The actual offence he's been charged with either is or isn't a criminal offence, depending on your point of view. Thing is it is now law. And its a very poor one iyam, New Labour PC brigade shite. It doesn't really help end anything. It just aids those with an agenda in continuing to poke the finger at people and putting them in a box marked "racist" when the truth is a lot more complex.
  15. Sounds like he's not required by Rodgers anyway...theyve been linked with Borini at Roma...played for him at Swansea on loan from Chelsea. Don't know if Pardew would want him....Baggio is right I think about him fitting into the sort of 4-3-3 that we tried to play at times last season, which would appear to be his trouble at Liverpool with Rodgers too. Basically he was born 20 years too late
  16. I've been pulled up for using "netty" more than once....wiki has this to say...v interesting, for me and Jaw D anyway... The Geordie word netty,[61] meaning a toilet and place of need and necessity for relief[61][62][63] or bathroom,[61][62][63] has an uncertain origin,[64] though some have theorised that it may come from slang used by Roman soldiers on Hadrian's Wall,[65] which may have later become gabinetti in the Romanic Italian language[65] (such as in the Westoe Netty, the subject of a famous painting from Bob Olley[65][66]). However gabbinetto is the Modern Italian diminutive of gabbia, which actually derives from the Latin cavea ("hollow", "cavity", "enclosure"), the root of the loanwords that became the Modern English cave,[1] cage,[2] and gaol.[3] Thus, another explanation would be that it comes from a Modern Romanic Italian form of the word gabinetti,[64] though only a relatively small number of Italians have migrated to the North of England, mostly during the 19th century.[67]
  17. No, you're absoloutely correct. But seeing as i'm on board Big Mike's happy bus there will be not one iota of criticism or complaint about the business conducted (or indeed not conducted) in this transfer window passing from these fingertips Still nearly 2 months left of the window to be honest, early deals last year are irrelelvent to whats happening this year, and other clubs probably view us a bit differently after our relative success last season. Christ knows whats going on, our main targets are all out in the open it would appear (unless Luuk de Jong is a fuckin huge smokescreen for a better,cheaper player) so something will happen when it happens. But there are posters who have regularly said they are completly relaxed with us not tying up deals if the deal isnt right for NUFC, so am not expecting to hear any complaints from them, should we not bring in a fullback or centre half etc.And I notice the first murmurings of concern have arisen in this thread. Tbh, its not the end of the world anyway if we don't bring in what and who people beleive we need. All is good on the happy bus...
  18. Spot on, apart from things going tits up for us as well around 97...we finished 2nd in the league that year
  19. Finanacially, far better off with newco Rangers in the first division and able to gain promotion next season. For the integrity of the football authorities in Scotalnd and also morally, the newco shouldnt be playing in any league next season. 134million pounds worth of cheating over a quarter of a century just written off? Makes Scottish football as a competition completley redundant, rather than just a "joke" as it has been for the last decade or more.
  20. It does seem strange thats true. Either the CPS have a hard on for the publicity this will generate or theyre pretty sure whatever evidence they have will stand up in court...I'm assuming thats where the lip reader comes in?
  21. Wheres the mother in law from Fist?...we used to say "as scarce as hens teeth".... If I was at my folks for more than 2 days the Kielder one may creep back into my vocabulary...."tomorrow morning" is often expressed as "the morn's morn'" by us hillbilly folk.
  22. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2171145/Steve-Harper-set-Birmingham-Jack-Butland-nears-exit.html Our old friend "Sportsmail reporter" reckons Harps is off to Brum as well...
  23. rightly or wrongly, using racial insults is against the law. So its a fair cop in my book, if me or you had done the same and someone complained to the police it would be the same.
  24. There is a doco airing here in a few days about the Carl Lewis/Ben Johnson doping scandal. Should be a good watch. Wasnt every finalist in the 1988 Olympic 100m done for doping at one point in their career or other....it came out that Carl Lewis failed a dope test 2 or 3 times in the lead up to the games, it only came out a couple of years back. Linford was caught after he retired. No wonder Dwayne Chambers was tempted. Only way to compete. But cheating like that kept another clean athlete out of the squad so he shouldnt be anywhere near the present squad. 10.25 this season. Joke.
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