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Bruce Manager of NUFC

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He's just another Pardew for me.  Didn't like the fucker before he came here, didn't like him when he was here, and I'll continue disliking him after he's left.   Just another snidey snake i

i'm going to explain to you where you're going wrong here, although god only knows why i should need to....   you (and no doubt many others in the putrid facebook/twitter world of the termin

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:lol: So he’ll make £1m then, there’s not a chance we’re finishing above 20th let alone above 18th.


No wonder no body wants the job, they’re essentially being put in a managerial position that you basically have to engineer to make it this badly positioned, and then you’ll make less than championship managers :lol:  

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With Ashley you can understand a lot of what he does because even though you disagree with it you know it’s done to save money. But with all this carry on I just can’t see how the owner doesn’t see that he’s basically guaranteeing relegation. And you’d have to be an idiot to assume we’d bounce straight back this time round 

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Aye it’s mental. There’s no way he can strike lucky a third time we go down. The first time we had a core of decent PL players who stayed and created a strong group mentality, along with Hughton being a competent manager (which was another total fluke as it was basically non-decision on Ashley and co’s part that got him the role), and obviously the second time we had Benitez. This squad is fucking gopping, and you’d expect the ones with any talent (I.e. Schar, Longstaff, Shelvey etc) will be off in a shot upon relegation, and having Steve Bruce at the tail end of his career in place is a move that’ll solidify mid table championship mediocrity imo. I actually hope it all turns out that way tbh, as I’ve mentioned before it’s clear he’s not selling, maybe a few years away from siphoning off the PL money might change his mind. 


You’re completely right though, it makes absolutely no logical sense at all what he is doing. Even his most cuntish decisions have been grounded in maximizing money, this is literally the most short term version of that possible. 

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Just seen this

Wednesday can take out an injunction against Bruce, preventing him from taking the job until terms are met. Palace had to do just this in 2001 when Bruce resigned to take Birmingham job

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1 hour ago, TheGingerQuiff said:

Sheff Wed should just stand their ground, looks weak if they succumb to bully tactics 

Hopefully. I mean they have fuck all to lose now so may as well just be as awkward as possible. 


What a total fucking cunt Bruce is btw, everything that club did for him when he was having an awful time in his personal life, the boss he’s trying to get wouldn’t have been that empathetic. 


Are all these arseholes going to keep saying he still deserves our support? 

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