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Recommend me something to watch!

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I was rewatching Breaking Bad and it struck me that it’s similar to Kojak, because there’s police in BB and Walter is Bald and Kojak is a bald policeman. 

I’m not normally one for conspiracy theories, but there's a brilliant documentary on BBC2 about Covid. Two Chinese scientists from the Wuhan research centre, where Trump suspects it was engineered, we

You’ve logged into the wrong forum again. 

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4 minutes ago, Dr Gloom said:

About five episodes in to Mind hunters. Top notch telly so far. 9/10


Brilliant isn't it. I was genuinely disappointed when Netflix didn't skip onto an 11th episode.


Enjoyed all the classic cars they were driving about in, even though none of them were rare or anything. Would it be the Art Director who makes those style choices or a prop manager or a producer? whoever it was, they got the props spot on.

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