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Kieron Dyer


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Worth a look, staggering. Dyer's been injured on nearly 40 separate occasions since 2002. I know people have commented on this before but I didn't realise he's hardly played since he left us. Ok you can't help a broken leg but otherwise what the hell's wrong with him?!


If his contracts with WHU and QPR aren't 'pay as you play' they want shooting. With consistent appearances I reckon he could have achieved a lot in his career, however I doubt he'll be remembered in 10 years' time for anything much (except Lee Bowyer).


Has there been anyone in recent times who's got a consistently worse injury record? Off the top of my head I can only think of Carr, Babayaro and Owen who could rival him in terms of toon players.

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Ok you can't help a broken leg but otherwise what the hell's wrong with him?!


Considering more than half of those injuries shown are hamstring then probably his hamstrings ;)



Marcelinho was canny bad for us like. £5.8m transfer and played 17 games in 4 seasons.



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Shame as he had so much natural talent and speed.


I remember seeing him play against Southampton when we won 1-0, think it was 2006 when we had the gold NR sponser, one of the few games I've sat almost touch line for, and seeing him run at their defence time and time again was phenomenal, his speed almost didn't seem to make it fair.

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It's a shame he was prevented from reaching his potential by injury. Could have been quality.

I bought his shirt from the season he scored that goal vs everton. canny investment! :lol:


thank god it was for charity.

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The bloke is fucking dickhead.



His mentor Bryan Klug, the head of Ipswich's Academy, said Dyer wanted to copy the style of former Bayern Munich's former Barcelona boss Pep Guardiola.

Dyer said: 'That’s true! I want to have a cool suit on exactly like him and just look cool like him on the touchline.'

He's 34 ffs, i'd expect that sort of crack from a 13 year old. This statement is followed by


He does not have any coaching badges at present so is just joining in sessions at Ipswich to gain experience.

What a wanker.

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