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:lol: Aye it was really low in the sky and piss yellow when I was getting home from work last night.

I think that's fairly common but more noticeable by it being a (nearly) full moon. It's sometimes orange looking and it's the same effect as red sunrise / sunset. Particles in the atmosphere cut out shorter frequency waves of light (blue) more than longer waves of light (i.e. red). When the Sun / Moon is rising / setting, its light has to pass through more atmosphere to reach you, so the effect is accentuated.

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It was a few years ago, I think it's now officially a dwarf planet. You should have got an email about it.

It's still a dog though, right?

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read/heard somewhere that it could be argued that The Moon isn't a moon, but is in fact a planet and we join it in a binary system.


Here it is




- The infamous question: how many moons does the Earth have? It looks like the answer could actually be none. What we call "The Moon" could actually be a planet, so it is possible that the Earth and the Moon are actually a binary planet system, similar to binary star systems. The International Astronomical Union in 2006 laid down the definitions for what count as a planet - these are the same definitions which ruled Pluto out as a planet. These definitions are that a planet has to orbit the sun, it has to be massive enough for its own gravity to make it round, and it has to have cleared its neighbourhood of smaller objects. The Moon comfortably fulfils the first two of these. On the third it makes more sense to say that the Earth and the Moon together have cleared its neighbourhood. The Earth has not cleared the Moon, so it is argued that they are therefore a binary system. The sun's gravitational effect on the Moon is twice as big as the Earth's effect. The Earth orbits the Moon and vice versa. (Forfeit: One; One, the Moon)



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