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Calling out around Wearside Are you ready for a brand new beat? Eternal Winter's there and the time is right For shitting in the street   They're shitting in Roker (shiting in the street

Don't call it a comeback We've been shit for years Worst team on the River Wear Puttin' clean seats at the SoS in fear Makin' the tears rain down like a monsoon Listen to the half empty stad

Doesnae look any worse either. 

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I see the wearside bellends are turning their fly past stunt into a charity event.Well they won't need to raise very much to surpass the money raised by the drink-driver at his golf 'charity' days.Flying in his pals for a free game of golf,free accommodation,free meals and free drinks hit the 'charity' money raised.


What a bitter person you are. Im a Sunderland fand and dont even know who you are talking about ?


A plane will fly past with Tyne To Go and other stuff. Its just fun dont get so angry man

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Maybe ? Like when we were chanting " if you hate newcastle clap your hands" on the 17th minute.....made a few of your fans really confused. lol


Stop clapping on 17 mins you seals. Enough respect has been given

I'm not sure why you give a shit tbh, if people want to pay there respect let them


Got fuck all to do with you and doesn't affect Sunderland in the slightest.

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They aren't seriously doing this in the 17th minute are they? Even Mackems can't be that stupid?

Ofcourse they are, they think we are 'milking it'. At the end of the day if people want to clap and pay respect that's fine


I understand it's been going on for a long time, and if it was up to me we would just do it and the end of the season each year.


But if people want to clap pay respect who the fuck cares? What gives mackem the right to tell when we should start and when we stop respecting the dead?


It's cringeworthy but they always need to turn everything into about them.

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The self-appointed "classy" club showing it again. First a nonce and now this.


I think the 17th minute thing is a bit daft at this stage, but to plan the fly-over to make that point is appalling.

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I don't think it will. I think the delete post phrase would have been better used on an Adam Johnson fiddler one one rtg. They disappeared quicker than a mini Kiev at a fat lasses party.

rtg created a Year Zero with noncegate

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