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Europe --- In or Out

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5 hours ago, Alex said:

The only irony is our current (and future) relationship with the EU is far more slavish than it was previously. 



We are their bitch now. 

Top job, right-wing cunts, top job. 

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Keir Starmer today.



There’s no case for going back to the EU, no case for going into the single market or customs union and no freedom of movement


There's no case for it is there not? Yes, yes, I know why he is doing this but honestly, how many votes is this twat going to lose in Scotland and elsewhere with this bullshit. Sick of having to hold my nose when I vote. 

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I am just not voting for this shit. I don't care what the consequences are, I am not voting for this Tory inspired fucking bullshit from Labour. I have tried and tried to take one for the team on this but they stand for almost nothing I believe in.


They can stick the red wall up their arse.

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