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New Strips?

Christmas Tree

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23 hours ago, ewerk said:

Sounds like he's going through a divorce.

Hopefully, for her sake 

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23 hours ago, RobinRobin said:

At least he's not a woke gay Communist bellend 👍🙂🌈 

Look, he may not have studied Das Kapital. But there were at least a couple of Marx quotes in that calendar he got for Xmas. Around the time he started wearing horn-rimmed specs with plain glass in the lens 

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I mean he’s basically done two things here: realised being a cunt is more lucrative than being a woke / sensitive / modern man. And also realised he’s much more suited to the former 

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1 minute ago, Howmanheyman said:


That easy, local girl is hopefully just down the road, what a break seeing that information. :good:

“Imagine my surprise… I was innocently searching for new football kit…” 


Sweating James Mcavoy GIF

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