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9 hours ago, Dr Gloom said:

We can forget about Brexit. The government's entire agenda is shot. There will be the crisis and the post crisis period. Nothing else. Transition incoming


Nobody will even notice that the transition period is quietly lengthened. It's ironic isn't it? For years all this fear about Brexit coming and now who gives a shit? A poxy bat virus has proved more calamitous than 10 Brexits.

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6 minutes ago, Monkeys Fist said:

Word is that she knocked on his shed door and asked if she could join him, and he told her,

” Tae fuck, wumman, it’s locked an’ ahd rather wank”. 


Sturgeon is the least sexy woman under 60 in Western Europe :lol:


It’s being widely suggested that she set all this up. If true you’d hope that would finish them as a force in politics but a lot of the fuckers up there are just as swivel eyed as any Faragist. My old man saw their rise before he died a couple of years back...he always said “don’t trust them...don’t trust anything with Nationlist in its name, fuckin anywhere”...   ;)



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