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Man Utd v Newcastle United


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Much against my better judgement, today I accpeted a ticket for this. Not been since we shipped 6 v them the season we went down, on which occasion we thought it was only 3, as we had drunkenly staggered out feeling a bit thirsty with about 15 mins to go, subsequently missing 3 Ronaldo goals and Smith's red card...didnt find out the real score till about half ten that night :lol: The other thing I remember is singing "Fergies right, the fans are shite"...think he must have had a little dig at them in the press beforehand but am not sure what he said..

I was at that match too completely sober. Shit experience. Thought it was the season before relegation mind?

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so Hernandez has dived after kicking the ball to nowhere


no booking, no penalty


surely it should be one or the other?

Yeah, should have been a booking but tbh given out normal luck with refereeing away from home I'll take the fact that no penalty was given gladly.

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Whatever the result today (there is no such thing as jinxing, so fuck off), I love how ordinary Moyes has got Man United looking. What a man.

This is so true. Nothing Manchester United about them at all up until this point.

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No reason at all that we can't beat these today. If we keep our concentration, they're there for the taking.


Doubtful, there's pretty much nothing on when we get the ball into the final third. Today is probably the best chance we're going to get of a result at OT.

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