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Truffle Butter Scoffing Parasites V Rotherham / 1st October / 3pm KO

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Hopefully go into this on a high and full of confidence against a team that's had a shocking start to the season.



NUFC to Score

0 - Renton

1 - Kevin Carr's Gloves, Holden McGroin

2 - StoneColdStephenIreland, Dr Gloom, barnabox, ToonMarshy, @yourservice, jonasjuice, Dougle, rogerbarton, Kitman, LooneyToony, Happy Face

3 - The Fish, ewerk, SpartaFC, Howay, tooner, Rayvin, acrossthepond, OTF, Andrew, ohhh_yeah, Ant, Tom, Park Life

4 - TheGingerQuiff, Anorthernsoul, McFaul , strawb, scoobos

5 - trophyshy, Monkeys Fist

6+ - MiddleAgeCool, Christmas Tree



NUFC to concede

0 - Renton, TheGingerQuiff, Anorthernsoul, The Fish, trophyshy, ewerk, Howay, tooner, Rayvin, StoneColdStephenIreland, Kevin Carr's Gloves, ohhh_yeah, Ant, Tom, strawb, jonasjuice, rogerbarton, Kitman, LooneyToony, scoobos, Park Life, Happy Face

1 - Monkeys Fist, SpartaFC, Dr Gloom, acrossthepond, OTF, MiddleAgeCool, Andrew, McFaul , Holden McGroin, barnabox, @yourservice, Dougle

2 - ToonMarshy, Christmas Tree

3 -

4 -

5 -

6+ - 


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Rotheram bottom of the table. The type of game we're likely to lose. I'll be optimistic and go 1-1.

I partially agree with this sentiment.  I wonder how long it'll take us to truly get over the last decade or whatever it is.


Logic dictates ~7-1 though. ;)

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