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HM Revenue and customs Investigating NUFC

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Tbf i dont think ANY point deduction can occur before a full fair legal trial, so promotion genuinely isnt a concern.

Transfer ban over next season though? depending on the crime / its severity / whether its charnely just skimming funds solo?

Much different kettle of fish

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What are your thoughts on what could be driving this HF?


No idea.


Costs (excluding wages) in 2013 were £19m.  By 2015 they were £45m


I've always found that odd but expected that all clubs massage these things to avoid tax and they'd have shit hot tax lawyers telling them how far tthey can go.


It's also strange that we had the highest Agent fees of the last 12 months, even with our stong transfer activity.

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This is a scoop so don't tell anyone Rayvin, but I heard from a veey good source that it's related to transfer dealings that contravene the laws. Someone went as far as referring to them as dodgy dealings. Not a word, and you didn't hear it here.

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Nearly 200 officers from HMRC took part in the raids, seizing computers, mobile phones and paperwork, with the French authorities making similar raids and arrests at locations in France.


A statement issued by the HMRC stated: “HMRC has arrested several men working within the professional football industry for a suspected Income Tax and National Insurance fraud.


“180 HMRC officers have been deployed across the UK and France today. Investigators have searched a number of premises in the North East and South East of England and arrested the men and also seized business records, financial records, computers and mobile phones.


“The French authorities are assisting the UK investigation, have made arrests and several locations have been searched in France. This criminal investigation sends a clear message that, whoever you are, if you commit tax fraud you can expect to face the consequences. As this is an ongoing investigation HMRC is unable to provide any further detail at this time.”


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