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The OFFICIAL Transfer Rumours Thread 2018 -2019

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Can we just get something clear. Toontastic.net isn't like these other forums where you can just waltz in and suddenly make friends with people. We're snobby, rather perpetual and overall cliquey. 

Aye cheers man, may as well sack the chemo off now

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Anyone looking for someone who scores a load of spectacular goals is kidding themselves.  This kid looks like he scores plenty of the goals you want a striker to score so in that sense he'd be a signing I'd be more than happy with.


Of course the caveat is the number of players in general (Kezman, Alves, Jansen etc) and for us in particular (De Jongs, Tomasson, Rob McDonald) that have done well in Holland but wank over here.  But if we're behind Rafa we're going to have to trust his judgement.  And it's no good saying it might be a player who's way down Rafa's list, because Rafa can't have players on his list that are much more expensive than this as he must know he's got no chance of getting the money for them from the fat cunt.  And those other teams like Bournemouth, Brighton, Huddersfield etc that have broken their transfer records aren't buying players for a load more.  Of course this is if this actually comes off and there's certainly no guarantee of that.

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I never heard of Jorgenson before we were interested tbh.

Looking at his goals, lots of tap ins or easy headers, so what, isn't that a forward being in the right position ?

£20 million and £50 grand per week is a shit load of money to me, but not to the Premier League, it's the going rate.

I'll not slag him off just yet, i made the mistake of slagging off a forward we just bought a while ago as he scored lots of "tap ins" at a lower level.  Andy Cole was the fella's name :huh:

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According to .com he's suspended. 

Andy Cole comparisons are all very good but the gulf between the first division and the PL was different then, and the Dutch league has been nothing but a breeding ground for PL flops in recent years. Both de Jong donkeys look like world beaters in the Dutch league. Wijnaldum was the same, though he adopted to the PL better than either of them and can't really be called a "flop." Klaassen is another big money failure who just came over from the Netherlands in the summer. Depay, Altidore, Alves, Bony (looked good in his first season but certainly appears a flop now), Janssen, Tomasson, Kezman...the list goes on and on.

I'd much rather have Slimani. Gameiro too obviously, not that I think he'd sign. 

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23 minutes ago, Ayatollah Hermione said:

That Jorgensen isn't playing tonight. I have no idea about the context or importance of the game but let's just assume he's signing and that's that.

He's suspended. Red card at the weekend.

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