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Newcastle United: Mike Ashley puts Premier League club up for sale

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I've spent many a workday researching CHAPS.

I don’t know Callum.  But you weren’t arsed when it came to your own website (https://realcombatmedia.com), with its in depth coverage of Joshua vs Ruiz II so why are you arsed now? Fuck off

I think it's fair to say that the journalists aren't winning hearts and minds from our lot on this.   We're going to have a club-wide siege mentality at this rate. As Strawb says, thick skin

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Leicester fan here. Just coming on to (hopefully) congratulate you guys on your much deserved takeover.


I must say from my perspective, I don't understand the outcry regarding the Saudi Arabians taking over your club at all.


If one looks back, every single "benevolent" and "good" owner of a Premier League club in recent memory has bought their club for underlying motives. For instance, we know Roman Abramovich bought Chelsea to raise and cleanse his public profile as an unscrupulous and powergrabbing oligarch during the break up of Soviet state assets. Abu Dhabi bought Manchester City to enhance their standing in the West with a view to diversifying their economy. Even my beloved former Leicester City owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha bought Leicester City in the midst of suspicion regarding his state-backed monopolisation of Thailand's Duty Free market and his role in attempted coups. The core questions are these though: What were the positives and what were the negatives of these purchases; do the positives outweigh the negatives?


The positives that these acquisitions brought need little explanation. Despite initial short-term hatred from rival clubs, these three clubs have provided some of the greatest footballing stories of recent memory, adding untold extra layers of intrigue, interest and as a result incredible long-term growth and prosperity to the Premier League. Similarly, local areas around the clubs have been significantly invested in and thus transformed, substantially increasing wealth, jobs and standards of living. The Saudi Arabian takeover of yourselves will surely yield similar rewards for the Premier League and local area.


The negatives are however indiscernible; potentially they have helped Abramovich, Srivaddhanaprabha and Abu Dhabi in their home power plays against whatever similarly shady rivals they were operating against, but I can't pretend to be an expert on these matters so as to offer a proper analysis of them. The same can be said for so many of the sports journalists we are seeing now who suddenly seem to be experts around the complexities of Saudi Arabian politics and governance in the Middle East.


In this way, resistance to your takeover is seeming to revolve around this issue of morality, and television rights.


As I can see has been covered by others numerous times in this thread already, the Premier League can't resolve the alleged issue of Saudi Arabian piracy by ostracising them completely. We can see from history that ostracised individuals actively resist the wills of those they've been ostracised by. The Premier League needs to get the Saudis around the talking table, strengthen the volume of mutually beneficial dialogue between the two and work together as collaborative partners to address this issue.


Similarly, the moral issue doesn't land at all. The simple recent increase in journalistic activity on Saudi Arabia is evidence enough that this deal has drastically increased public interest in Saudi Arabian affairs, and will continue to do so as the profile of Newcastle United rises under their leadership. This then increases public interest and scrutiny of the regime's activities, and consequently public clamour for action regarding alleged misdeeds will rise in parallel. Accordingly, our governments therefore feel more pressured to act, and will have increased influence over Saudi Arabia to do so with due to their mutually beneficial collaborative relationships, and the increased array of sanctions to threaten Saudi Arabia with that come with the closer economic integration exampled by this deal. So, from both a television rights and a moral basis, the best long-term play is to support this deal.


I do not know if it is just the media's self-designated duty to support whichever side of the argument necessary to herd the opposing factions into the fight ring in the most explosive and best selling fashion possible, or whether the coronavirus epidemic is making them all especially sentimental and clouding their ability to make a long-term and logical interpretation of this takeover, but I feel really sorry for you guys having to put up with it all.


I have my fingers crossed that it is sorted imminently.

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4 minutes ago, Howay said:

Mr moral compass is now taking it upon himself to ban #cans. “Indulging” :lol: what a sanctimonious little prick. 


Well I'd never heard of the twat till this week so his agenda is working, for him at least.

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5 minutes ago, Rayvin said:

Tbf to this guy, I'd never heard of him until the takeover kicked off. He's probably trying to 'Piers Morgan' his way to greater status.


3 minutes ago, Dougle said:


Well I'd never heard of the twat till this week so his agenda is working, for him at least.

:lol: Aye that could be the aim like. I’d heard of him but it was only because of him droning on about Manchester City and the CAS appeal, so at least he’s consistent from the standpoint of just wanting everything to suit and protect Manchester United. 

I do find it funny he pretends he’s simply standing against a Saudi takeover, and it’s not against NUFC fans but then is actively twisting things to try and say we’re all in full support of human rights abuse, and are cringeworthy. 

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R.e Delaney...

There are questions he won't answer. 

Why was he seemingly in support of the PIF take over of Manchester United? What has changed in 18 months & why is the discrepancy between his support of one takeover & vilification of another so huge? We all know the answers to these questions. 

Why is it ok for him to draw wages from a newspaper that is 30% owned by Saudi Arabia?

Why is he making a business transaction between a sovereign state and a British millionaire the burden of the working person i.e those who have the least control? He hasn't held Ashley to account in 13 years, he's not even holding Ashley responsible for dealing with Saudi Arabia. 

In front of his very eyes he's watching his beloved Man United pushed another place down the pecking order by a club who hitherto were also rans, irrelevant. Just like Man City were. 

It's plain and simple jealously. There's no two ways about it. 


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Pretending to care about human rights because your football club isn’t the one being taken over is ‘cringe as fuck’. #cans 

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4 minutes ago, Dr Gloom said:

2020 could not get more bizarre could it :lol:

Half expecting Tino to put on that dinosaur outfit and literally jump a shark.

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3 hours ago, Howay said:

Mr moral compass is now taking it upon himself to ban #cans. “Indulging” :lol: what a sanctimonious little prick. 


made me feel quite sad this has.

if i had to pick who i thought were the most stunning women on the planet i'd be hard pressed to choose between dusky spanish maidens and irish red heads. miguel delaney suggests the two nations shouldn't breed, or at least if they do perhaps they should only produce female offspring?

anyway, i didn't really know much about the 'cans' thing but in pursuit of something really witty to add i've been trawling youtube for half an hour looking at can can videos and tragically diversified to finding the minxiest can can dancer.

my vote goes for the one who starts second left in this video......  :)



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1 hour ago, Dougle said:


It's back again... weird.



The BBC during the last general election campaign hoyed a fair bit of weight behind a government complicit in this country’s  alliance with Saudi Arabia. They, like a lot of other hypocritical cunts seem more arsed about this all of a sudden. It’s definitely not helping in terms of the light being shone on it because of the current situation meaning there’s no live sport but that doesn’t excuse these journalists 

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