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Newcastle United: Mike Ashley puts Premier League club up for sale

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I've spent many a workday researching CHAPS.

I don’t know Callum.  But you weren’t arsed when it came to your own website (https://realcombatmedia.com), with its in depth coverage of Joshua vs Ruiz II so why are you arsed now? Fuck off

Dorty bastards.

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27 minutes ago, TheGingerQuiff said:

He's deliberately selling now when euphoria is faux pas.



:lol: Aye was going to say, I understand people thinking it’s an odd time to purchase but it is absolutely the Ashley time to sell as we can’t celebrate properly. 

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1 hour ago, wykikitoon said:

Why the fuck would someone buy a football club at the moment?


Because Corona Virus 




recently hoovering up nearly every dying business on UK high streets 




Big fuckin trouble financialcially for the fat cunt? 🤔



Still far from happy about Saudi involvement but I expect that will pass... :glare:




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Is there anyway of blocking the people, likely mostly mackem sore loser wind ups, who piss their pants about the Saudi's being involved in the bid if it happens. I want to luxuriate in being the richest club in the world without their Debby downer behaviour.

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7 minutes ago, ewerk said:

So who’s going to run the club after this is completed? Charnley should be getting his CV up to date because leaving him in charge would be like letting a toddler drive a Bentley.

That’s a bit fucking harsh on toddlers 

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