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Wenger out bruv vs NUFC

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While getting beat 1-0 is the same result as getting beat 5-0, I actually came out of that thinking we could easily get the points we need if we play like we did second half. The goal was a moment of

I’m with Andrew, we’ll batter this lot. Lascelles will put lacazette in his back pocket and that’ll be that.  Dummett to come on at half time, absolutely level Sanchez then stand over him yelling

Batty Boy Tackles Dirty Butt.    

First game of the season for me. Last time I went to the Emirates we won 1-0 via an Andy Carrol goal when Hughton was still manager.


Cant see any result other than a heavy defeat, unfortunately 

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i'm in two minds whether to even go. i've already paid for my ticket but i'm going to have a stinking hangover, it's going to be bloody freezing and we're going to have our arses handed back to us on a plate. 


sounds tempting doesn't it

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1 minute ago, Noelie said:

Dreading this one, they haven't won in their last 3 games and I just feel that odds on we'll suffer for that.


Ah man, we haven't won in our last 8, they'll be quaking in their boots!

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