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Wenger out bruv vs NUFC

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While getting beat 1-0 is the same result as getting beat 5-0, I actually came out of that thinking we could easily get the points we need if we play like we did second half. The goal was a moment of

I’m with Andrew, we’ll batter this lot. Lascelles will put lacazette in his back pocket and that’ll be that.  Dummett to come on at half time, absolutely level Sanchez then stand over him yelling

Batty Boy Tackles Dirty Butt.    

Glad to see Darlow dropped.

Think ewerk is right regarding Ritchie needing a rest, he’d been looking a bit ragged on the defensive side of his game recently and was conceding fouls, a congested run coming up as well. It also could be that Rafa went for the pace of Murphy and Atsu as we’re obviously going to be setting up to counter. 

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3 minutes ago, Kid Dynamite said:

We've broken against these 3 times already and haven't got a clue what to do. We just end up stopping and playing the ball back into our own half again 


Pointless trying to play the early ball to Joselu or Perez. They haven’t got the pace or physicality to do anything with it. We’d be better off with Gayle and Atsu or Aaron’s hanging round the half way line trying to get on the end of something.

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