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VAR... really??


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2 hours ago, Kid Dynamite said:


The clear and obvious part doesn't apply to offsidss apparently because you are either onside or offside. Its not an objective decision

I get the application of the rule and everything, I just think it should be there for the ‘howler’. More widely I think it interferes far too much with the flow of the game. The decision was correct though, in terms of the offside but I’m not actually clear if the official was at fault for putting his flag up or not tbh.

Edit: I thought HMHM was saying it should just be there for clear and obvious errors 

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If the referee had blown for the incorrect offside decision, then the replay would have shown it was not offside and there would have been no end to it, especially if we had gone on to lose. 

It is not just this season when players have been told to play to the whistle.  Players have been told that since they were able to stand and kick a ball competitively.  

We have multiple replays, due to the television coverage, so we may as well get them right when we can.  I understand that it causes delays in reaching a decision, but I would much prefer having the right decision (when it goes in our favour) than not :)  

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