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Film/moving picture show you most recently watched

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What a train wreck that movie was, since when was Alexander the great an Irishman ? I'm not just talking about Colin Farrel, nearly every speaking member of the cast spoke with an Irish brogue, ok I'm sure they didn't speak with an English royal shakespear company accent either but come on !


As for the rest of the movie, it just lacked an epic feel of other great "sword and sandal" movies such as Gladiator, it was a massive disapointment for me.

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Dark Water


Wasn't scary, a bit weird if you like that sort of thing.


Want to see The Descent now




Jap one or US remake?


i've seen the jap one and it put the shits up me




Nah, the US remake at the cinema now.


Jap one's are always better, take the ring for an example

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I <heart> Huckabees


Was considerably better than I'd expected. The existentialism vs. nihilism undertones were very interesting and it actually left me asking myself some big questions afterwards, something that's very rare in a comedy. That's why I watch comedies; when I watch a drama which asks me questions I end up feeling depressed.


Anyways, I recomend it.

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How did it compare to the original?

It didn't. They're pretty impossible to compare.... one's a musical, the other's a film.... one's a Gene Wilder cool-but-slightly-sinister-which-makes-him-even-cooler Willy Wonka... the other is a Tim Burton/Johnny Depp completely different style Willy Wonka.


This WW is more younger, for a start, and more childish, and insecure. I thought he was a really interesting character, brilliantly played by Johnny Depp (hold the phone - ME?! loving Johnny Depp in a film?! with MY reputation...... damn, I'm predictable). To me (a BIG fan of the original - we bought the DVD in Oz and spent many a happy hour watching it and singing along with all the songs) he wasn't Willy Wonka. Gene Wilder is, and always will be, Willy Wonka. But it was a different take on the character (Tim Burton says it's trying to be truer to the character portrayed in the book... I've not read that in many many years so I can't comment on that...), and the only way to have got away with this film was to do that - to create a different WW, rather than trying to recreate the old one.


Oh, and it was DAMN funny too. I was sitting in the cinema (in Hollywood, no less, oooOOoo!) on my lonesome, just laughing out loud (and i mean LOUD) at stuff. Good fun.


It was also interesting (though I'm not sure I'm convinced it was great) to have all the flashbacks to WW as a child and delve into his inner psyche so much... if only coz I struggle to spell it. but yeh... WW's meant to be a mysterious character, surely? Well, I've always thought of him that way. This kind of did away with that.... they explained all the mystery away. But, oh well, as I said, interesting way of doing things.


Umm.. I'm going to stop typing now..... In summary: I liked it.


(sometimes things really just don't change do they? sorry...)

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War of the Worlds


Wow, what a film, I wasn't that bothered about seeing it at first but I have to say i loved every single second of it, instantly in my top ten movies.

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Amazing film, bought the DVD in HMV and the film itself was shot in 18 days  :o




I loved that movie.



I'm trying to get my mum to watch it just so I can see her reaction to Lawrence sawing his foot off :(


Oh and did you know the guy who played Tapp's partner was the bad guy in Rush Hour 1? ;)

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Saw was excellent. One of those films you can only see once though - watched it again the other night. Saw 2's in the works, interested to see what they come up with.


War of the Worlds last night - Jimbo I can only assume you're being sarcastic - not without its merits but they should be embarrassed to have made that movie.


The end just looked like the script writer had looked at his watch and said - time for the pub just say they all die, never read the book so not sure who's to blame. And could they not tell in editing that that child was fecking annoying screaming all the time.


Still I get what I deserve with a Tom Cruise film, Constantine tonight - I never learn.


I'm on a bit of a torrents buzz at the moment - new discovery for me, if anyone knows where I can get my hands on the League of Gentlemen movie I'd appreciate it.

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War of the Worlds


Wow, what a film, I wasn't that bothered about seeing it at first but I have to say i loved every single second of it, instantly in my top ten movies.




In my bottom ten movies without doubt. What a waste of a decent storyline :D


Watched Pirates of the Caribbean for the third time last night. Really enjoy that film - JD is fantastic as Jack Sparrow, and Keira is just stunningly beautiful as usual.

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