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Film/moving picture show you most recently watched

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I feel sorry for Fish Jr.    Fish-“ I think the character progression between season 1 and 2 leaves a lot to be desired- what’s the motivation for him to keep returning to the garden,  and w

Dave man!

Hope you wiped the seat down, at least. 

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Downloaded Chef to watch on the road this week.


Re-watched Requiem for a Dream and 21 Grams this weekend. Reminded me of how cunted the world was back then.


The scene at the end Requiem for a Dream with the double anal dildo is quite something.


21 Grams has held its intensity well and in fact, watching it as a parent made it much more intense and emotional.

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I took the boy to the cinema for the first time on Sunday to watch The House of Magic, it was the morning showing for kids so only£1.75 each to get in.


He cried his eyes out at the preview for Paddington Bear but was happy to watch the film so he might get full price film out of me now now I know he will sit still.

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Frank. Bizzare but really funny. Fassbender telling people what expressions he's making under his mask is priceless.

The Purge Anarchy. Reminded me a lot of the likes of The Warriors and Assault On Precinct 13. Was pretty decent but could have been excellent if directed by John Carpenter.

22 Jump Street. Ok, not as good as the first one and the funniest bit was Seth Rogan in the end credits, but a reasonable Sunday night watch.

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Heathen. :lol:


Aye, he pretty much dismisses Bonham and Moon out of hand.

I thought the footage of his duels with his drumming heroes was pretty incredible.


He was a massive Cath, like.

( I actually snorted when his daughter's name came up- Ginette. :D Poor lass is his double too. )

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Aye I saw it a while back. What a fucking arsehole he is. Was a decent doc though. He didn't think much of Bonham. :lol:


His drumming is the worst thing about Cream imo. I'm sure he's great technically, but I cannot fucking abide a drum solo.


aye, every drum solo, in the history of time, is total shit and Baker's are somehow the worst of the lot. Is that the one where he gives Mitch Mitchell some grief as well? The sound of a bloke bitter that another 3 piece came along that wiped Cream off the map tbh.

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