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Toon V Burnley


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I'll get to this fixture one day...


I think we'll win this one, Burnley have been more dreadful than we have this season. They look a shadow of the team they were last time out.

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3 minutes ago, Dr Gloom said:

annoying that the intentional break has interrupted our winning streak but i still retain faith in trooper's thread-starting 

This is why I'm calling 2-1 to Burnley I think the international break will do us more harm than good.

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1 hour ago, Ayatollah Hermione said:

Burnley have a very white side. Now, I don’t want to speculate about the beliefs, racist or otherwise, of Sean Dyche but you’ve got to think that it’ll spur our multi-cultural, progressive chaps into a classic away win


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Yedlin          Lacelles           Fernandez     Dummet

                     Shelvey      Ki

Ritchie                Kenedy             Samir Nasri




Subs: Sorenson

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If Dummett won't be available for the Burnley match who will Rafa put in his place?

Probably Manquillo or Kenedy but I would go a different road.

I think Manquillo hasn't shown he's good enough, and I think Kenedy would be wasted in that position.

I think Clark could possibly fit in quite well, he is a defender and plays left center-back, so I think he could adjust.

It's Clark for me.:)

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