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Allan Saint-Maximin


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I'm torn with this if I'm honest.


We had a good front 3 last season, 2 of which were premier League tried and tested. Would have cost us £16mil to keep them together.


As it is we've spent £60mil to end up with a front 3 that have 0 premier League goals between them.


That said, they all look young, quick and skillful so potentially could be a cracking partnership. CM is going to have its hands full defending mind 

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9 hours ago, TheGingerQuiff said:

It's fucking minging imo. They've been signed because they're the flairy types that a profit will be made on if they do well. 

Joelinton is going to have to be another Ronaldo, Messi, or Pogba to make a reasonable profit.

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3 hours ago, Noelie said:

Don't think a winger is what is needed most, right or left full-back and another striker is what I'd be looking for.








Look no further 



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1 hour ago, Diego21 said:



42 minutes ago, wykikitoon said:

Where the fuck is that picture taken from?  


Breaking: Northumbria police release picture of suspected peeping tom loitering in the bushes in Benton near the NUFC training ground.....






"The lengths ah go to for me loyal puntaz! Lol."



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Maybe it's my general weariness and surrender to Ashley but I just couldn't give a fuck atm about this kid and Joe Linton. In fact I fear the worst as I reckon it'll not work out and we'll have three individuals with at least two not putting in the required graft and it being all Cabella/Thauvin again. Imagine if they had've let Rafa judge what the team/squad needed? (Amazing concept, I understand).

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