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a ticket thread....

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1 hour ago, thebrokendoll said:



did your tickets arrive in time then?


No, had an email saying we can still use them for the rearranged game though, which is nice… :glare:


1 hour ago, Christmas Tree said:

Did people receive membership packs?


Too many members to provide all with a pack… 

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Looking for 4x Adult tickets to brentford at home 8/10/22 4 of us travelling down from aberdeen to watch mighty mags. Any help appreciated, tried to get a membership in summer but was sold out. Been before on the Thomas cool deals they used to do, anything like that anymore? 

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38 minutes ago, Christmas Tree said:

Anyone know why there is no queue today for Villa tickets?


Have I missed them :lol: 

I can get on, select seats but it won't let me buy a ticket. Looks like a glitch.

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3 hours ago, Kid Dynamite said:

Pretty sure you can just open 5 tabs on the same laptop and it will give you 5 places in the queue...

No, but 5 different browsers on the same device would.

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