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Announcing the Toontastic Patreon


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Hello everyone, it is no secret that we've been putting this together but here it is! The official TT Patreon.




You'll find everything you need to know on the page, but here is a quick rundown of how it works and what it is for.


The purpose of this Patreon is to cover the running costs of the board, pay for any maintenance or upgrade costs in future and cover any unexpected expenses that may come with running this place.


We want to stress from the outset that there is no pressure for anyone to become a patron, we've tried to keep the donation amounts fairly low, starting at £2 a month. If you can afford to donate, then please do, if not, no worries.


We're not locking any board content behind a paywall, everyone, patron or not, will be able to see and post as they always have.


We do have one little bonus for Patrons however, at the end of each year we will be donating any excess funds to a local charity, as nominated and voted on by our patrons.

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It has a separate forum for discussions etc, we won’t need that but it’s just the format.


Might make a decent emergency forum if this place goes tits up :lol: 

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4 minutes ago, Christmas Tree said:

Do you have to do it every month or is it automatic?


Automatic as Tom says, you can adjust your Tier whenever you want though or disable your payments and re-enable whenever you want to.


1 minute ago, Alex said:

Me too :lol: 


Everyone who has set up so far is showing as having gone through just fine. 👍

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