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Extra Time on Extra Time Hating Bastards v Exhibition Building Loving, Shandy Drinking Fannies


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14 hours ago, Gemmill said:

I'm there tomorrow for the first time in years. EXPECT FIREWORKS. 




14 hours ago, Gemmill said:




Nah my mate, Adam sorted the tickets so he's in charge of it all. 




13 hours ago, ewerk said:

Hard luck, CT. At least you tried.





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26 minutes ago, Chaser said:

I'm up in town this aft (no ticket). Anywhere showing the match given its not televised in UK?

Aye somewhere will be. But i've no idea where, I hope this helps 😁

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So this thread has reminded me that last night Mrs Sponge was for some reason watching Boston Legal, and I couldn't help notice one of the actresses was quite spectacular up top like



Turns out the actress is called Lake Bell who I had never heard of before


Turns out a previous members username was much more apt than I realised



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