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Your favourite stand up comedians?

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Harsh that mind. I saw him do a great slapstick routine in a pub before we played Fulham a couple of years back where he gave himself concussion by smacking his head off a door frame. Didn’t know it w

N is for No.

For someone who basically invented the phrase "right on" he's now a refreshingly grumpy old 60 year old, who ongs for the days of 3 pumps in all pubs, lager, bitter & Guinness. And he does indeed

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that you knew her personally and she always brings delicious cake

(this could actually be one of her jokes... could also tag in a quip about the husband and periods to complete the trilogy)



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Getting on with Jo Brand is the best British comedy since the office

A lot of medical-folk I know think it's class too. I think it needs a bit of insight/sympathy in that profession to really "get it" though, as much of it passes me by.

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Everybody reckons the Hyena is a bear pit worse than Jongleurs nowadays.

They're not wrong. The stand is the best comedy venue in Newcastle and a lot of comics are saying it's becoming a favourite spot.

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