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  1. Well that isn't good to hear. I wonder if the FA will wait on hearing how bad it is before passing judgement. If at all.
  2. Pardew apparently told the BBC that it's ligament damage and serious bruising. That actually (optimism) doesn't sound too bad... No medic though, ligament damage could be worse than a break for all I know.
  3. I assume that means we're long balling our way to the end. Might work, Wigan are more of an on the floor side...
  4. To be fair to them, they probably won't have seen it in slow motion...
  5. That ruined the game for me, that challenge. Couldn't care less if Wigan win now... It's situations like this where I think the player who commits the offence - and that looked blatant - should be suspended for as long as the injured party.
  6. Anyone else noticed that Blackburn are only 3 points clear of a second successive relegation? I'm not all that convinced they'd come back from that.
  7. If we win this we're potentially looking at moving up to 10th, 4 points behind Swansea...
  8. Apart from 5 minutes of brilliance against Everton, Wigan have been pretty hit and miss. To be honest, there's no reason at all we shouldn't win this, I think we're just used to underachieving against them.
  9. Marvaeux can at least cross the ball, and therefore provides something that most of the rest of the team, including Cabaye whose set pieces are godawful, cannot. I've no issue with him, he's a good player. Glad to have him here.
  10. The only team I'm worried about is Spurs. I think they feel like they're destined to win it (Certainly will feel that after tonight). If someone could put them out before we get them, I think we can take it. Chelsea will go out with a whimper to the first decent team they get (including us).
  11. Tiote and Cisse, but the latter only in there because, as others have mentioned, he needs a kick up the arse. Some competition would do him good. Tiote has become the player that I always worry about when we're playing, due to high probability of give-away freekicks and red cards. I don't get the Santon criticism - I guess it's true that he can't defend especially well, but he's always trying to make things happen, and seems to frequently be the player who gets those ahead of him out of problems by making himself available. I think he'll come good - possible with Debuchy as a role mode
  12. Why is there so much discussion about Celtic? Are we somehow affiliated to them (in a negative, Sunderland sense) or do Celtic fans go to other Premier League club forums with this sort of thing as well? If the former, it's totally passed me by. I wondered if it might just be because of Forster, but I don't think he's been mentioned for about 5 pages. It's a bit like if someone from Olympiakos joined the board to vehemently discuss their club vs ours...just, why? I don't think I've given Celtic any thought at all save for noticing all the hype about their CL performances, and subsequen
  13. I hate those ones- I remember almost none of my dreams as I sleep too heavily, but I always remember those ones. The only other one I remember, I dreamt I had some sort of cling film over my mouth and couldn't breathe through it. I could sort of feel the air bulging on the other side of it as I tried to suck it in, but couldn't get it. I woke up at the point that I guess my subconscious decided I'd pass out or whatever, but it was pretty unpleasant.
  14. That description is fucking epic XD Thundertwat is definitely getting added to my vocabulary!
  15. Gotta say mind...after watching this; Juve are a real bunch of cheats. It's like a team full of Suarez's. Leichsteiner especially.
  16. Celtic are trying hard which is good to see... they're just not a great team.
  17. Maybe it's to lull us into a false sense of security...
  18. Agreed, I think he's really making a difference for us. Does this mean that it was a lot better than all of the fuss made it look, and that he'll be back shortly? I didn't think I saw a return date. Unless he's just ok after all?
  19. Y'know, I think this is as much to do with Man City being shocking as it is to do with Southampton playing well... I feel like they've been this way for a few weeks now as well, ever since that defeat to QPR.
  20. I'd agree with this. Even with Swansea in there I'd be a bit disappointed not to win all of them. Just seems like we've stepped up a gear (or five).
  21. Shame we lost but hard to argue with Bale's quality. Even if they sell him for £30 million, whoever and however many players they bring in won't make it up for him not being there.
  22. Labour didn't spend all the money, that's just lies they feed people who get all their information from newspapers. http://www.economicshelp.org/macroeconomics/debt/government-borrowing.html See graph one on that page. That's our debt as a %age of GDP. Notice how it was consistently high through the 80s under Thatcher. It spiked a little when Labour took power, presumably due to the boost in public spending, and then dropped to sub-40% levels - largely due to sound economic policy. This is where the IMF encourages countries to have it during booms. It shoots up when the financial c
  23. 16/1 we beat Spurs 2-1 - not bad odds to be honest.
  24. This^ Well put indeed, sir.
  25. If Labour had a stronger leader this wouldn't even be a proper debate, Labour would be winning by a landslide - I'm really disappointed with how weak Milliband looks. He should be making the public aware of the economic reasons why austerity doesn't work, and telling them how many millions of jobs we'll lose if we pull out of Europe. Instead, he's saying similar things to DC as he doesn't want to risk attempting to turn public opinion and having it blow up in his face. On the plus side, the political split in the left (Lib Dem vs Labour) shouldn't continue much longer; I would think Labour
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